"Behind every objection there is a hidden need"

Trainer: John Bax

“I don’t agree with you!”“I can't do this!” – “ This can't work like this!” These are objections any of us encounters on a daily basis. Even handling more specific objections like “I find your decision hard to understand!”“We already have a supplier!”“The deadlines for these deliverables are not realistic!” is a common practice for managers, sellers and project managers.

Even if it is a very common situation we all face daily, handling objections is a very delicate skill. If done poorly it may lead to frustrations and frustrations damage relationships. The good news is that people who express objections are still engaged in the issue at stake. And when people are still involved they can be influenced. Moreover, objections offer opportunities as there is always a need behind them. And if you address to those needs instead of the objections, you will be surprised by how cooperative people become!

In thie QuickLearn workshop 'Turn Objections Into Opportunities'  you will learn tips and tricks about:

  • how to identify and address the need behind objections
  • how to neutralize emotions when handling objections
  • how to transform an objection into an opportunity
  • how to convince people through their own words
  • how to deal with unrealistic and false reasoning

The biggest gain comes from treating objections as a gateway to an engaged conversation and from taking the opportunity to earn great respect by the way you lead that conversation!

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Workshop - Turn objections into opportunities!

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