„An impactful way to support employees and teams to use their qualities to the max!”

Trainer: John Bax

Are you a manager, HR-specialist, trainer, coach or consultant? And are you interested in ways to support team members and teams to perform at their best?

Then the QuickLearn workshop CORE QUALITIES @ WORK will offer you a concept and a tool that has been introduced in 14 countries over the past two years and received amazing response. And is new in Romania!

Participating to the workshop will enable you to support team members and teams to identify:

  • natural strengths and how to use them in the most effective way (= ‘I’)
  • sources of completion on an interpersonal level and within and between teams (=  ‘WE’)
  • sources of irritations and conflicts and how to avoid or solve them (= ‘IT’)

The success of CORE QUALITIES as a concept and the CORE QUADRANT as a tool is based on:

  • stirring a positive energy, as it mainly focuses on strengths of individuals and teams instead of their weaknesses
  • developing talents faster, as it focuses on natural qualities which cost you less effort than focusing on acquired qualities (nature vs. nurture)
  • achieving a high ROI, as it stimulates introspection and reflection, increases awareness, and builds a strong commitment to apply what has been discovered and learned
  • accelerating team development, as it supports teams to discover and activate both each other’s complementary and collective strengths
  • improving interpersonal and team dynamics and reducing risk of conflicts, by creating deep understanding for each other, making the good productive and the less good irrelevant

Critics to underline the success:

Gareth Morgan (Canada), author of Images of Organizations and chairman of New Mindsets Inc., wrote about Core Qualities:a fabulous contribution to our understanding of the links between natural qualities and effectiveness”

Steen Hildebrandt (Denmark), Ph.D, from the Institute for Organisation and Management, Handelshøjskolen in Århus Denmark, wrote about Core Qualities: an in depth and engaging approach. It is both practical and theoretical, pragmatic and reflective. A pearl in the vast amount of management concepts”

Personality and behavioral assessments are efficient. The approach of Core Qualities and the Core Quadrant goes beyond strengths and weaknesses. It is a creative process that establishes a strong connection with the outcome and a sound basis for successful development!

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Workshop - Core Qualities @ Work

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