WHAT you present is important, HOW you do it makes the difference

Trainer: Bogdan Grigore

Have you ever been confused, bored or even annoyed when listening to a presentation? For sure you have! Either somebody was telling things that did not interest you. Or the topic was interesting but the way it was presented did not appeal to you. Either way, if you would be the presenter, you would surely wish to do it differently, wouldn’t you? But how exactly?

If you want to inform people, you can send them a document to read. If you want to instruct people, you can show them a video. And if you want to sell them a product, you can give them a brochure. Very efficient! But if you choose to present something, what is the added value you are going to offer to your audience? What is their gain of spending time and sometimes money to listen to you and watch you?

In this QuickLearn workshop ‘Captivate Your Audience!’ you will learn how to catch the attention of the audience and how to keep it throughout the entire presentation. You will use your natural abilities to:

  • get yourself in the proper state of mind to do the presentation
  • catch the attention of your audience right from the start
  • connect with your audience
  • increase your impact on your audience
  • manage the energy of your audience

It is the way you present your message that makes your audience connect to it. And if this connection is expressed by exclamations like “Aha, now I finally understand!”, “Wow, this really makes me think!” or “Amazing, this was inspiring!”, then you know that your presentation made a difference.

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Workshop - Captivate Your Audience!

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