Bogdan Grigore

Bogdan Grigore
Name Bogdan Grigore
Nationality Romanian
Profession Trainer

I'd rather entertain and hope that people learn, than teach and hope that people are entertained.

Walt Disney


Bogdan is a trainer who brings a new perspective on learning & development by combining passion for individual and team development with energizing creativity and improvisation.

He has over 11 years of experience and started working as a Junior Consultant in Lugera & Makler. Afterwards, he joined Pepsi as an Operational Trainer, designing and delivering Soft Skills trainings to workers and managers from Operational Departments. Following this experience, he designed and delivered Sales Trainings in BoomTV. Moving on, he took the opportunity to become an Apple Certified Sales Trainer, and he facilitated Soft Skills and Sales Trainings in Romania for Apple dealers and resellers. What distinguishes Bogdan most from other professionals in the field is the fact that he initiated the first project in Romania of its kind, using theatre improvisation in developing individuals and companies.

Bogdan delivers Soft Skills, Leadership, Creativity, Sales, Public Speaking, Persuasion and Charisma trainings, and his latest projects included Deutsche Bank, Alpha Bank, Carrefour, BDO, Provident, KPMG and Altex.

He believes that success comes from discovering and embracing the role that we have in our personal and professional life, from feeling good with ourselves and from being a valuable part of a team. 11 years of improving his training- and facilitation techniques make participants return to his trainings on a regular basis.