Why do people find it difficult to talk about their strengths?

05 May 2022

Many people find it hard to talk about their strengths. And there are some obvious reasons for it. One obvious reason lies in the tendency of human beings to focus on things that need to be fixed in the sense of mistakes to be corrected or weaknesses to be improved. For instance, during project evaluation meetings, most attention is paid to the things that...

Daniel Ofman: „Core Qualities concept is extremely simple and at the same time it has a lot of depht”
An interview with Daniel Ofman

08 Oct 2020

Hi, Daniel, and thank you for this interview! We are very happy that you will be in Romania this autumn and we will have the opportunity to learn about Core Qualities and the Core Quadrant and how to use it from its creator.

John Bax: „I love people. I love to see them happy, fulfilled and successful”
An interview with John Bax - Program Manager

30 Sep 2020

“I will start as Simon Sinek sais, with the „WHY”. In know that in coaching we are taught not to ask this question, but still Why? Why CORE QUALITIES? Why NOW? Why YOU?”

‘If we were to decide, working from home will become the standard. This way we have more time to spend with each other!’
An interview by John Bax - Program Manager

25 Apr 2020

“If we were to decide, working from home (WFH) will become the standard” is the final conclusion of my second interview with a young working couple, both already working from home for two months. They live together for over a year now and don't have children. In the first interview taken on their fourth week of WFH their final conclusion was that “WFH is not the problem, staying inside is our main problem!”

‘Working from home is not the issue. Staying inside is our main problem!’
An interview by John Bax - Program Manager

06 Apr 2020

In my previous article about working from home (WFH) I made the statement that during this corona virus crisis organizations and managers should mainly focus on reducing the pressure on families by facilitating them as much as possible in building a new work-life balance.

What is your company’s working from home policy?
Control or support? What do you choose?

24 Mar 2020

As a consultant in change & transition management I have never faced a change as abrupt as this corona virus crisis. Not even when the financial and economic crisis hit the world in 2007/2008. Some of what I saw in movies about virus outbreaks is now unfolding in front of my eyes, real life and real time, though it still feels somewhat surreal.


10 Mar 2019

As a program manager and facilitator, during the many QuickLearn workshops which focus on soft skills, I have been startled by the observation that sometimes the obvious is so obvious that it is not applied.

"Organisations have to focus on value creation on every day basis"
Exceptional interview about change with John Bax - international trainer, coach and speaker

11 Jul 2018

Organisations need to focus on value creation every day. And I don’t mean shareholder value. I mean making the difference that makes the decisive difference. And in the context of the accelerating changing world it means to become and stay competent in change in every corner, layer and aspect of the organization. To become and stay a company that can change as fast as the change itself.

Managing changes

9 Sep 2016

It may sound a bit paradoxical, but one of the most constant parts of our lives is change. May it be big or small, private or business-based, good or bad, we can’t escape change.

Accelerated learning

19 Aug 2016

We all learn countless things in our lifetimes. But why is it that some people have greater success in learning than others? What are the factors that decide if our studying is successful or not? And why can’t we all learn faster and better?

The answer to all these questions might astonish you.

How to deal with difficult people

20 Jul 2016

It's morning, and Bucharest is very crowded, as usual at this time. I'm driving and hurrying for an important meeting at 09.00. There are probably others the same. The tails from the traffic lights are testimony to this. It turns red too fast, five or six traffic lights until you cross the intersection. Intersections get stuck because of cars that run yellow or even red lights... It's now a red light for me too...

Have you experienced any objections today?

20 Jul 2016

OBJECTIONS. We may not like them, but we cannot avoid them either. They surround us. As a part of everyday life, both in our private and professional environments, they are integral and ubiquitous as the air that we breathe. They can be helping and constructive, but they can also be destructive and totally de-motivating. Still we need to deal with them.