"People are willing to change, but don’t like to be changed"

Trainer: John Bax

Surprisingly or not, change is one of the few stable elements in our society. Minor and major changes happen every day everywhere. They also occur in your organization. Managing those changes is one of the key tasks of any manager. Also for you! And it is quite a challenge, as most changes are not initiated by your people. They are simply confronted with them.

So how do you make your people give up the old and embrace the new? How do you transform resistance against change into a resource that drives it?

In thie QuickLearn workshop 'Be A Change Champion!'  you will learn how to motivate and empower your people during the transition from old to new. The following skills will be discussed and practiced:

  • how to communicate a change
  • how to give support during a change
  • how to engage people in the change process
  • how to coach people throughout the stages of the change process
  • how to identify and manage resistance

Many change processes do not bring the targeted results because most time, money and effort are spent on the more predictable technical aspects, and very little on the dynamic human processes. This workshop helps you to avoid that mistake and to successfully get your people on board!

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Workshop - Be a change champion!

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