"No relationship can prosper on ‘I win – You lose’!"

Trainer: John Bax

The winner takes it all” is a well-known saying. And it may very well be true when you negotiate a one-time deal, like buying a house. It is not very likely that you will buy a house from the same owner twice any time soon. But as soon as you negotiate with people with whom you cooperate on a regular basis, a Win-Win deal is by far the better option.

Of course, you still want to leave the negotiation table with the feeling that you got what you wanted. But not with the risk of frustrating the relationships that matter to you. And surely not with the perspective of losing more than you won in the end.

In this QuickLearn workshop 'Negotiate A Win-Win Deal!'  you will learn how to get the best out of a negotiation and still keep a good relationship with the other party. You will develop the following skills:

  • how to profile your negotiation partners
  • how to create the proper negotiation environment
  • how to position your offer and how to challenge the offer of others
  • how to manage your own negotiation vulnerabilities
  • how to respond to others' negotiation tricks
Negotiation implies confidence and agility. Confidence to position yourself and your offer well and agility to walk the thin line between being too rigid and too flexible. Any mistake will cost you. That is why you will already have earned back your investment in this workshop after your first upcoming negotiation!


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Workshop - Negociate a WIN-WIN deal!

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