„How to make people say YES”

Trainer: Bogdan Grigore

You have goals and you are committed to achieve them. And you realize that you need the support of other people in order to succeed. To get that support you need to influence them. How do you make people say ‘YES’?! To make a customer say ‘YES’ to buying your product. To make a supplier say ‘YES’ to offering you the best purchasing price. Or a manager say ‘YES’ to your request?!

Influencing is not a talent you are born with. It is a powerful technique you can learn. In fact, you have been influencing people all your life. You convinced your parents to allow you to stay longer at a party. A teacher to give you a higher mark. Or a car dealer to give you a better price.

And guess what: people around you have influenced you too!

In this QuickLearn workshop 'Master The Power Of Influence!'  you get to learn and apply the techniques that will support you:

  • to effectively apply the six principles of influence
  • to lead people through the influencing process smoothly
  • to connect with people instantly
  • to discover what triggers people to say ‘YES’
  • to impact people

Research discovered universal mechanisms that persuade and convince people. The conscious use of the techniques to trigger those mechanisms will allow you to become more successful in influencing and to reach your goals!

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Workshop - Master the power of influence

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