Did you have a look at the calendar of our open workshops? Or did you even attend one? Suppose you did and you consider one or more QuickLearn workshops so important for your organization that you want to send more people to attend them. Then it may be smarter to organize the workshop in-house. With groups bigger than 12 participants it is for sure more convenient and more economical!


An in-person version of a QuickLearn workshop, what does it mean?

Our trainers come to your company or to a location selected by you. They will deliver the workshop with the same characteristics as the open workshops:

  • focusing on one skill only
  • working with highly skilled and experienced trainers
  • presenting short and easy to understand theories and concepts
  • providing many practical and empowering examples, video’s and exercises
  • offering follow-up support

The important difference is that the workshop will be tailor made according to your needs by giving examples and using cases and exercises that match your company situation! Even the timeframe and intensity of the workshop can be adjusted.


What are the advantages of an in-house version of a QuickLearn workshop?

An open workshop has the advantage of sharing experiences with people in other positions and working in other companies. This brings different perspectives and fresh insights.

An in-house workshop saves travel time, takes less ice-breaking time and connects better to the real life situation of every day work in your company. And the cost per participant are lower too! If you wish a group of your own people to enjoy a proven concept, a fine-tuned program delivered by experienced trainers and to benefit from the above mentioned advantages, please contact us and request a meeting. It's free!