Is AGILE the magic wand to solve all our problems?

Projects are widely known and used as a means to transform ideas into benefits, bring strategies to life and exploit business opportunities. A correct approach of these projects ensures that what is being delivered is right and brings the expected value.

Many project managers have been taught to gather all requirements, prepare a perfect plan to meet those requirements, design a great solution, execute it rigorously and deliver exactly what was planned. The so-called predictive approach known as WATERFALL.

However, today we live in a VUCA world, an exponentially changing world in which we face Volatility of markets, Uncertainty of the future, Complexity of solutions and Ambiguity of requirements. This calls for a more adaptive approach known as AGILE.

Does this mean that WATERFALL is dead? Not necessarily! Eliminating a way of working is never a good idea. The more different approaches an organization is capable to apply in the right way, the more likely it will find the right approach or combination of approaches for every project.

In this highly interactive and practical QuickLearn workshop you will:

  • get a clear understanding about what business agility means
  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of the WATERFALL and AGILE approach
  • find a way to decide which is the most suitable approach for managing your specific projects
  • explore a tool to support your decision of implementing Agile in your organization
  • obtain insights about success factors and possible setbacks of implementing AGILE

Closing statement of the workshop: “if you consider the progressive approach of choosing useful elements of both WATERFALL and AGILE, known as the HYBRID approach, the absolute minimum requirement is that you know both approaches very well!”

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